Pasta and Risotto


Creamy risotto with chicken, mushrooms, pancetta and grana padano £14.95
Seafood  risotto in tomato with prawns, mussels, clams, calamari and  scallops (or with linguine) £14.95
Smoked haddock, spinach and salmon risotto with poached egg £13.95
Penne with grilled chicken, tomato, garlic, peppers, aubergine,  mozzarella, pecorino and basil £13.95
Wild mushroom risotto with truffled camembert £15.95
Open ravioli with red wine, beef and veal stew, rosemary butter and parmesan £14.95
Linguine with crab, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, garlic, rocket, chives and tarragon £14.95
Spaghettini with the Courtyard’s aromatic meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce £12.95
Black pasta with scallops and calamari, chilli, fresh tomato and garlic £14.95
Fettucine with fresh salmon, smoked salmon, peas, cream and dill £14.95
Italian classic pasta sauces always available:
Bolognese / Carbonara / Arrabbiata / Putanesca / Napoletana /mascarpone-funghi (with penne, fettucine  linguine or spaghettini)